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     As the artist, to a degree, I'm expected to talk about myself and the things that I've accomplished here in this 'About Me' section. However, I was recently told by a long-time friend that I have not been a self-promoter. For others, yes, for myself no. Therefore, this will be the most soul searching part of putting this website together. As you look around, you will notice a painting with an Eagle titled: 'Bound to Glory'. It may even be the reason you're here in the first place, after all, it ended up in 'The White House'. It is now in the Museum section of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, Dallas, Texas.

          Why then, have you possibly not heard anything about me until now, eighteen years later? It was mainly because of 'timing and choice'. Not necessarily just because of my timing, but largely

because of my choices. I'll explain later. Long ago, a gallery owner once said to me, (paraphrased) "If an artist can get a well known, prominent person to own a painting of theirs, it makes it easier to sell". 

     You would expect that the President of the United States, while in office would qualify, not to mention several other setting Heads of State, U.S. Governors, Senators, and House Members. Well, it does qualify. It doesn't get any better than the White House for an American artist, all documented.

     It is only now, that I have decided to commit to being a full-time artist by applying what I had always acknowledged as being a God-given gift that I was born with.  While I always desired to be an artist, I was also a successful inventor with several inventions and patents, a diversion. I was also a career Tower Crane Operator.

     While I had much success as an artist and was passionate about the paintings, I was not in love with money. I gave away many pieces of art as well as donating them for fundraisers. A single print once auctioned for $1,720.00 and 24"X32" canvas reproductions went for $5,000.00. Eventually, by giving things away, for some strange reason, you end up with no money. This time, my strategy will be somewhat different.

     While the painting themselves are important, what is just as important if not more so it the true stories behind them. The story behind Bound to Glory has been well documented. However, it is only only one chapter in many that could be a book. A book that I sincerely believe would ravel 'The Lord of the Rings' or 'Star Wars' by comparison, without...

     It is for this reason that I hope artists take notice of what develops. Not just graphic artist, but writers, musicians, writers, video, special effects, directors, producers and so on. All creative people......


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Box 245, Jennings, FL 32053 

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