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Paintings by Kern Baxter 


   Please scroll down to view a sampling of some of the paintings beginning from 1975 to present.        


The painting, 'Bound to Glory', once in the White House, is now in the Museum section of the

G.W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas.

Reproductions can be found in collections of several Heads of State and Presidents worldwide.

Note: Background image is a tropical 'planting pot' 

         I designed and included as a detail from one of my unfinished paintings.

Scroll Down To View A Few Paintings That Started In 1975 With My First Original, 

'Free From Reality'.

To A 'White House' Painting, Bound To Glory,

Kern Baxter name.jpg
LVB croped.jpg
Dancer Scan 2.jpg
ABTG perspective frame.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

'America-Bound To Glory' 24" X 32" Special Embellished Canvas 

copyright Kern Baxter

'Ghost Riders In The Sky'

Apx., 7' X 7':  Mixed Media on Canvas, 2005

copyright Kern Baxter

'Forever Blue and Gold'

28" X 32", Mixed Media on Board, 1998- 2004

GWB  BTG original low res photo.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

'Bound to Glory', The Original Painting. Once in The White House

Now in G. W. Bush Presidential Library (Museum Section)

30" X 40", Mixed Media on Canvas 1998


LVB croped.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

'L.V. Beethoven'

Original Composition / Painting

My original drawings were of Beethoven's original plaster cast.

20" X 28" Mixed Media on Archers 300 lb. Watercolor Paper, 1977

hobbit subject image.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

copyright Kern Baxter

 . . . . of (The Hobbit / The Lord of The Rings - Books)
 Mixed Media on Watercolor paper, 1976-77 (?)
22" X 28" (?) Undetermined because of it being stolen along with Roast Mutton. This is the only picture ever taken of the painting. It is seen hanging over a fireplace mantle.
I digitally removed the 'moon and stars' from this picture before posting the image for 'Spiritual' reasons to be explained at a later date.

Roast Mutton jpeg export for web.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

copyright Kern Baxter

Forth Painting (?) 'Roast Mutton' (The Hobbit - Book)

22" X 22" Apx. (?) Mixed Media on Watercolor paper, 1975

Dancer Scan 2.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

copyright Kern Baxter

Third painting: 'Dancer'

Gouache 'Water Media' on Watercolor Paper Apx. 12" X 18" (?)  1975

copyright Kern Baxter

Second Painting: 'Morning Castle'

22" X 28", Oil on Canvas Board, 1975

Free From Reality screen shot.jpg

copyright Kern Baxter

'Free From Reality"

First Painting 1975

22" X 28" Oil On Canvas Board

A.K.A. 'Girl With Wings' and 'Drifting'

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